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weekend is about to begin. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us in a few minutes ith the latess information n where the storm will go. and keith daniels joins uu with a look at the preparations being made across the state. >> weather conditions are getting worse as we speak as earl gets closer. banks of north carolina where people are already evacuated %-there.eeof the islands down but we begin in maryland. %-ocean city.anding by live in jeff, whht is it like out thhre aa this hour?ú >>well, right now, all eyes are on the shoreline here in ocean city. this storm is expected to whip through the area b 3:000in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. and whhle city leaders don't expect devastation, they do expect damage. >> by mid afternoon, only surfers were allowed in the waters of ocean city. ú%ange is on the way. >> you can feel it in the water before you feel it outside. >> at marinas there is no time to waste. boats are moving toohigher ground. nothing is left to channe. >> if you don't get your boat of the water you run the risk of it sinking. >> we wiil have the inds. ra
, and when will the rain hitt chief meteorologist vytas reid has a look at the ssvere weather moving through maryland. vytas? >> we have not seen the heaviest earlier today we saw some and then a break. few breaks in the clouds for sunset to be allowed. but we are seeing some of the heavier showers ssuth of dc. it looks like rossing the potomac and buuld in throogh the overnight. and more to work with down what is actually tornado watche3 over parts of north carolina s atmosphere is going tt continue to shift north. we can see the potential for tornadoos tomorrow. that's a concern as well. as the ssstem rides along the trough that is moving from the south. we still have the emnants of what is tropical storm nicole that is kind of losing the luster. losing the strength. ahead f it an area of low pressure. the low tracking north. as theelow moves north it will ccntinue to bring us the chance for rain. as we go through the night tonighttinto tomorrow. then this is going to turn into a low pressure, and follow that. so two areas of low pressure3 riding the trough along the mid-atlantic givin
. what is in store for primary election day tomorrow? here is vytas reid withha look at the sky watch forecast. no excuse not to vote tomorrow, vytas? >> not at all. unless don't like sunshine..3 beautiful day. and great can day to get out and enjoy. with nice temperatures and plenty of sunssine. look at the maryland state radar. you can see not much activity. there was some pretty good thunderstorms up ii new jersey, new york earlier today. back in west virginia. few spotty showers, but will miss us. looking at what will happen. next day planner. clear skies tonight 65 for the morning commute. and brushing into the lower 80s for later in the afternoon. but for the moot part, relatively quiet conditiinn, and i will show you when the next chance foo rain is arriving. coming up in my seven-day forecast in a bit. >> the ravens inch by witt a victory over the jets tonight. brutal game, lots of penalties. hard hitting and somm on field bickering. but a win. for the opener. fans took purple and black pride into enemy territory in new york. make that north jersey with a new meadow land stadi
of the storm nema ill be communicating wiih3 jurisdictioos every four hours. for more we go to vytas reidú standiig by live t the state fair. >> we're talking about summer-like temperatures beccuse it's summer. we're in the thickkof it. tte 90s..3ng the temperatures ii we're talkkng about suushine. come on out nd joy. the atlantic.e a coocern over let's talk about where the storm ú& right now, how ts strength is. looking at thh adaa or map the western edge of he chesapeake bby. western edge already issued tte coastallflood advisoriesswhich is expected beccuse of winds hurriccne watcc innpeak and sova ú&at's including those reas along te western edge. let's gg to the radar, show youú the ssorm. it'ssa very strong torm right now. that hurricane has about 125 myrrh winds gusting about 150 and that storr will continuu o track.3 take a look at the track real quick here coming up along the coastal regions and off hee3 coast of the mid atlantic. we have to follow this very the next few days. backkto you guys. >>>ttank you, vytas. >>> businesses often rely on the labor ddy weekend for
meteorologist vytas reid with a look at the sky watch forecast. what do you say? >> beautiful day out thereú today. pleety of sunshhne. comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s, some lower 80s, south of us. but things will heat up as we go through the worr week. right now clear skies on h.d. radar.ú scan, and there is no3 precipitation out there. but that will change by wednesday night. it looks like we have currently 68 degrees downnown baltimore. 67 in d.c. comfortable 60 in hagerstown. mid 50s out there in western maryland. overnight tonight, we should drop down to 64 degrees. with clear skies. ú%will need them for the next couple of days. possibly arrive. much nneded rain. and then start to see the things as far as teeperatures are concerned, heat up quite a bit around the reggon. -how you how hot oming up in the seven-day forecass. >> aggressive kids with adhd possibly don't need other medications. hyperactivity disorder that actt aggressively are given -nti-psychotic drugs, in additionnto stimulants like rrtalin. but a new study said that sttmulants are enough if doseed ú%d taken
of gray skies and rain. strange weather though. and we can see more flooding. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with more on how much rain we will get.3 vytas. %-rainfall accoss parts of the state. ssme rain still cooing down at3 ú%is time. dealing with that. anywherr from ooe to 3 inches ú%ssible of rainfall. as we conttnue to hear that rrin come down across the region. we are going to continue to sse that shower activity pushing through.ú %-we have that inneffect through central maryland. -orthhrn virginia and through baltimore city, yoo have to be -oncerned abbut the metropolitan areaa, where the ground is saturated for flooding could occur. on radarr look at the heaviest rain, salisbury, along the beach line3 areas, toward rahooeth and ocean city, heavy rainfall. it looks like showers are light. buu they will continue to come down overnight. how much are we talking about? future scan shows the pooential of an additional, already annú we could ee anotthr inch and a so as much as 3 inches by theú -ime it is done, mid afternoon, ú%d evening tomorrrw. closer look at what is
, and a lot of rain lately. >> it is about to get worse. vytas reid with the latest severe weather orecast. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff, definitely seen our share of rainfall over the last couple of days. in the ast 48 hours, an iich around balttmore. eastern shore, over 2 inches. and then in western maryland lookkng at an inch. so average about an inch to inch and a haaf in the area. ground saturated. like a sponge, you absorb it, and when you give it more, it runs offf thattwill happen with the next system. no activity out thereeright now. relatively quiet.3 allng frontal boundary sitting off to the east of us. we have the stationary front that the moisture rides on. moisture.lorida, look at the ahead of the tropicalú depression. joining us s we get down the road here. in fact, looking at how much we could possibly gee on the future scan. we could get nywhere from 2-to 4-inches potentially across the on top offthe 1-to 2-inches we have seen. so run into flooding conditions. tell you more about the track of this potential tropical storm coming our way in bit. >> the governor is de
:00. >>> tropical system brewing in the caribbean could makk its way here. >> vytas will be joining us next to tell us what we could expect later on as the week prrgresses. >> p ♪ him if the music of britney spears taking over glee. tonight jeans sz. >> invasion of bed bug has gotten so bad some tenant are actually suing their landlord. john joins us for the very latest and forcing a ffmily too% move out. john. >>reporter: howard county couple says they never had any problems with bed bug until short time after they were notified by their landlord that another unit in the building was in effected. the browns uued the live in howard crossing apartment in elegant city. they say they ere forced to move out after their unit became infected with bed bugs. bugs that also infected their 3-year-old daughter. half million dolllr uit claims the apartment manager did nothing to correct the problem. browns decline to be interviewed. theeaatorney says that's because they have been traumatized. he says the ordeel has clearly taken iis toll. >> when you have bed bugs in your bed, sucking the blood h
. still ahead at 5:30. vytas tracking a category 4 hurricane. what is in its path? pichlt and some last minute endorsement. ill it be endorsement. ill it be enough for joe the race forrbaltimore county >> challenger camp keein wants because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >> battle for county executive in baltimore county.. the 2 democrat fighting for the >> we have reporters and both úop candidate tonight. keith live in pikesville with the kevin campaign. >> we begin leif in parkville with joe's campaign. melinda? >>reporter: 22councilmen from different sides of he countt going head tt head ttnight. so far volunteers are just showiig up to begin setting up for what they hope will be a night of celebration. this has been a very expensive race for both candidates. they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and joe has pent the last couple of days doing some heavy handshaking. he's visited with senior centers and we caught up with him at his eli during lunch time. he is targetinn areas of the
meteorologist vytas reid joining us with a lookkat the sky watch weather fra. >> temperatures in the 90s with hhgh presssre. and currently right now. 81 in hagerstown. 79 in baltimore. 83 in d.c. western maryland. 73. the frontal boundary. in fact, that rontal boundary thunderstorms, along that front. as it moves through, west virginia, west of the pittsbbrr. suburbs getting rain. this moves our direction, giving us a chance for stray showers. but it will breakup over the mountains, and we are left with as high pressure issdrying ouu the atmosphere. soowe wiil watch it push in. but a cooling affect behind the front as it comes in to play through the next couple of days. detailed lack at how it plays out in the forecast. and the cooler ttmperatures.3 coming our way n a bit. in the ssy watch forecast. >> the ravens are getting really ready to open the season monddy night and continue to add latest weapon, t.j. houshmanddadeh, be tonight he i3 including fellow vets masonnand bolden. in an accomplished and packed recciving core. ú%d he said he is here for only one reason. to win a superbow
here? >> here is vytas reid with some of the answers, vytas? >> you can see frrm the national weather service. moss of the area along the -hesapeake bay, we have problems. zoominggin. -e have coastaa floods advisories, or watches up for the western edge of the bay, as we see the water lapping up creaaing flooding. and out on the waterways, of the atlantic, we do have hose tropical storm forred winds out there. ú% tropical storm warnings ocean city, bethany beach and also ver toward rahobeth, ifú youuaae going out there i do not recommend getting into thee3 wwter, because of strong surge strong category 4 storm. winds.as 120-08388miles per hour intensifying over the last half hour. looking at gusts at 167 miles per hour. and in fact, looking at the track of the torm. as a categorr category 4 becomia of the carolinas and passing maryland. but still ttopical force winds, 40 to 0 mmles per hourrwinds. heavy rain. aad pooential surf that could be created by the storm. %-with the modelldata.le track. computer model runs. showing that most of them are in agreement that it stays over th
vytas reid is tracking the storm. and has the latest developments. vytas? >> we have hurricane warnings %-atlantic, down toward the bahamas islands and also on he outer banks of the carolinaa, hurricane watches issued. here is the storm. hurricane satellite here. weecan see, earl, cateeory 4 storm with winds at 132 miles per hour. gusting to 161 mileper hour. so very strong, bigger storm. and we are really watching the track of the storm. ú%ack is taking it up. making a right turn. this is a model data showing it make a right turn. we are helping for the right turn thursday evening. because it could potentially go west into the cone of incident or further east. but it will affect parts of the mid-atlantic as we head through the next couple of days here. so we have to watch it closely. in fact, looking attthe mmdel data. possible tracks, most of them are agreeing that thee will stay ouu over the atlantic. couple of them take it closer to the mid-atlantic. one of them takes it over the eastern shore. so we have to watch that closely to see if it occurs. nonetheless, wwtch it closely ove
-risk. chief meteorologiit vytas reid has been tracking the storm all day and joons us now with the latest on what we an expectt3 from it. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff, danggrous storm out there. dropped to category 3 strength, anow back to four. warnings. we have the urricane warniigs ú%sued ut over the atllntic. then n tte western edge of the chesapeekeebay, we have warning. and then down sooth of us over the carolinas where hey have %-zooming in around our state.e. what we are seeing. western edge of the chesapeake bay, we have the coastal flood watches out there. becauue of the winds that are east. ww will ontinue to lap that water up along the western edgeú of the chesapeake bay. minor flooding inno tomorrow night. on the easttrn shore, weehave the tropical storm warnings, because ven though it is a hurriiane, there will be tropical storm force winds..3 well defined eye. this is a strong powerful storm3 with he prrssures at 941 millibars. 135 mills per hour winds. category 4 torm w wind gusts up to 161 miles per hour. it has been in that ranne for a few days. look how well a
of gray -úsky and rain buu there is the potential for flooding this evennng. go to vytas with the now immediately over baltimore not really any rain come down. we have cloudy skies you have to go through western maryland to get the heavy rain as we scan the skies but putting the ssuth and continne to see the frontal boundaryydrive the pressure that isshelping liftw that and warm front bringing in tte atlantic moisture and all the rain that is going to continue to ride up from tte south and we are not done with the rain byyany means through the overnight.. prrblem is that we have saturateddground until 8:00 a.m. tooorrow morning as we have the potential of heavy amounts of rainfall overnight tonight and into tomorrow. noo how much have we seen o far. inch around baltimore. a little over 2 and quarter inches and 3 quarters nch innhagersttwn depending on where you are. some folk heavv amount than other areas. projected model on the future scan. the rain from last night into today anywhere from 2 and 3 quurters inch potentially around the baltimore area so there's a real problem e
lauren. fall starts tomorrowwbut it is still going to feel like summer for a few more days. >> vytas tells us all about aa% heat wave open the way. >>> look at that. stands for spectttors come crrshing down. coming up. how many people were hurt at this car race in brazii. brazii. ->( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. shared knowledge is even more powerful. >>>. >>. >> unemployment in maryland takes a jump. the rate state wide rose 7. 3 percent in 6 week until theegeneral election you sse more and more ads for the governor and urlicc. john tells us one campaign ad for o'malley is prompting criticism not from the urlich ccmpaign but from a media outlet. john. >>reeorter: ell this
trouble ffr some businesses. >> first let's now go to vytas with the rain total so ffr tooay. >> we have seen a lot of rainfall coming out of this storm. 2 storm system because whether he an aree of low pressure that developed ahead oo the remnant of tropical storm what was known as tropical storm nicole. that first ppshed through dropping heavy ainfall and now we still have remnant of what was tropical storm nicole moving up from the south and thatt% will join us later this especially up in parts of eaat eastern, south eastern harper county looking at 11 and a half inches of rain hhre and 17 and a half inches of rain just soutt of aberdeen. very heavy conditions there with trailing thunderstorms and raan that pushed through belaire at 3 and 3 quarters and sse the difference of just a few miles of how much rain can fall in certain areas. got washed that the water. that's the latest from rose >>> all right thank you keith. storm prompted tornadoo% warning in andarundle county this morning. people who live in the bay side beach community are used to the rising water from thee% chesape
:30. vytas will tell us what we can expect as we finish out the work week. 8. they are starting to count absentee ballot in the hotly contested ballot in the hotly contested race for state attorney. >> the state attorney issstill in limbo bonita. earlier today they began counting those absentee ballot. e.new numbers tonight. job. >> the results gave bernstein a lead over jess my by 1363 votes and today the margin is a bit widdr. bernstein has 1 9 88 votes. jess has twin 8 24 votes. so better than stain now leads by 1431 votes. lection headquarters they began the long and tedious process of counting thoss absentee ballot. attorney for both candidate were on hand to watch as stafferrscrutinized evvry ballot. it was a race that many thought would be close but not this close. jess campaign claims thousands of votes may not have been counted. election officials will only say the procees has gone as a matter of factually. in light of today's new numbe numbers, supporters of bernstein say it is time for jess to concede. >> we would hope that miss jess me would go ahead and concede and
is unnertain. ssorm.e team coverage of the chief meteorologist vytas reid has been tracking earl for days. >> starttnow with jeff abell who is standing by live at ocean city where they are bracing for the major storm down there. >> that's right. there is some relief at this hour. that this storm appears to be weakening a bit. but it is still packing a ppwerful punch. it is expecced to arrive on the shore here about 3::0, and go until about three in the afternoon. and become more of a wind storm than a rain storm. damage from this storm.do expect they do not expect disaster. >> we'rr looking at tropical force winds in that 40 to 50 miles per hour range. that's a big difference between 90 to 100 miles per hour. we can handle that. we're prepared for that. fast-moving storm. so it should come in early and out of here by early afternoon. that's the good news. >> well, even with tropical force winds. city leaddrs are expectingg3 flooding innocean city. they are expectiig some beach erosion. buttthey want vacationers to %-day weekend in ocean city ror ú%ill on. we're live in ocean city tonight
on the ommunity features section. lots of sun to start out the work week. still ahead on news at 5:30. vytas tells us the nice weather will stick around for primary electionnday tomorrow..% >> the plans forrmosque at ground zeroo 2 blocks away. coming up. what the e mom at the center of the issue is now saying tonight. aryland company now trying to help stop the mosque from being built. >> and surprise endorsement in the city state attorney race. who is breaking with who is breaking with traditionment is jeans jeans sz tomorrow is primary dayyin maryland. all currently on the racc for city state attorney. michael has úhe latest high profile endorsement given out today and how it could affect the impacttand utcome of this >>reporter: jeff, just one day before voters decide who will likely be baltimore next -ústate attorney civil rights attorney and former judge billy murphy has endorsed challenger greg bernstein over the innumbeet anddthe endorsement for him comes on the heels of simiiar endorsement from the baltimore úun and city police union. she picked up high profileen dovt doo
. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the latest. hard to believe. >> summer is going by. welcoming in the fall season. autumn. autumnal eqqiiox about tt take place. and it looks like autumn is bringing in thunderstorms. heavy rain ppshed thrruuh. frequent liihtning. most of the activity on the h.d. %-south of dover.ern shore, lineeis vigooous on the open waters of the atlantic. as we put ttis in motion. with strong storrs over new jersey. through wilmington. they had gusty thunderstorms and lots of lightning with this system. but it looks like most of the ú%tivity will continue to push east. making he way to clearing overnight tonight. anndtomorrow morning, around 73. to start the morning commute. thhn by noon, already at we could get up to about 90 degrees. very close to it. as that heat conttnues, and i will show you how long the heat stiiks around as we head to tte weekend. in thh seven-day forecast. >> conceen a superbug from indii is spreadiig. where it is found in the u.s.. and here he is about mutatioo. >> new book by bob wwodward ignites debate in washington,
is this fantastic weather going to last? vytas reid is here with his first look at the pkywatch foreccst. >> a gorgeous day out there today. a great wwekend all in enjjy the wonderful et out and temmeratures. plenty of sunshine. today a little cool. we had clear skies due to high pressure in place. the radar 1 showing nothing. no cloud cover. a nice, clear night. the high in baltimore. 82 in d.c. wwrmed farthee to the south att82 degrres. 78 in hagggrstown. cooler air over the mountaans. a little cooler tempeeatures. look at 3 c1 currentlyy 74 degrees in hagerstown. little coolerrair over the moontains aa this time. it lloks like for tomorrow on labor day if you're going out to the park, doing a picniccwhattvvr, we'll continue to see temperaturessclimb 3 c1 throogh the midmmrning in to % the fternoon. right around 80 degrees with plentt of p>> a prince george's county man suffered serious injuries after beiig stuck in a trench. the 52-year old was one of four mennfrom a water-proofing company work in an apartment >>> a two-year old boy died aftee being rescued from a p
meteorologist vytas reid joins us to show us how extreme this season has been. >> well, we were looking at winds that are kind of extreee today. we saw the friers from the video karen was showing. that's a problem. breezy conditions. hot day. and 1 of the reasons we had the strong winds is because the3 difference in the warm air and the mid 90s. and then the cooler air mooing in behind the cold front. in pressure gradient and get the gusty winds. that is what is happening right now. winds 10 to 20 miles pee our. across the city. so you can still see breezy conditions, thhough the overnight. now, also dry conditions out there. so when you have dry conditions, there was a red flag warning earrier today, that has expired. and nonetheless that means that it is dry. and also the pottntial is there for fire danger. so we did haav 13 days of no rain. only a trace, six days ago. and we areeabout 1.13 inches below our normall definitely we need rain. low pressurefully this weekend. show you that coming up in the seven--aa forecast in a bit. >> as of right now, we are not convinced that backing down is %
. >> it is indeee fall now but out there..%a loo like summer >> it does. vytas tells us how long the heat wave will stickkaround. >> heallh care eform. major measure. >> this is the 1 b bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. baltimore west side but the price tag is harr to swallow during these times. we have the latess on thh redevelopmmnt proposal. john. >>reporter: project has been in the works for many years but critic believe the public private pprtneeship may not bb much of aabargain for the ssate. back in june the board of public works gave the atravel to the the massivv project. features new retail offices and homes and project calls for the old staae -
toddy but much-needed rain could be on the way. vytas has the forecast. >> it is going to take a few days for it to get hear becaase we have nice dry conditions with the help of high pressure whhch is actually sinking aarr doesn'' allow any moisture to rise. clouds and create showers and we are lookkng at mainly dry conditions. radar level 2 scanning the sky. not finding conditions for the overniiht as well. just beautiful conditions out there. ddwntown baltimore. 80 in dc. head west on i 70 over tt hagerstown sitting at 77 degrees. get over there on western maryland at 64 degrees and comfortable there as well. folks on the eastern shore -úlooking at mid upper 70's as well in the mid 70's over there innchesttr town and feels pretty good across the state for the most part. we'll see some shift in temppratures over he next few days here. warmer temperatures continue to build up out of the south as we see a shift in the the wind% direction. right now the winds cominggii frrm thee% northwest. as weehave the northwest wind reason beinn hhgh pressure is actually sitting over wes
meteorologist vytas reid joins us to tell us how hot it wiil be tomorrow. >> hot one. kicking off the week. temmeratures will be soaring higher than todaa. in the upper 80s. brushingg90. so the temperatures are suuposed but feels more like summer. ú%oking at the yes today. 87 degrees in baltimore. 93 in d.c. 97 in fredericksberg. those mid to upper 90s are shifting over the central portion of the state. that's whattwe willlfeel tomorrow. baltimore. 80 in d.c. 78 in fredericksberg. looking at 78 in hagerstown. temperaturessin the mid to upper 70s. clear skies. beautiful moon out there. 74 starting us off for thh morning commute. witt sunshine. and right at lunch time, about 90 egrees. and it will continue to climb through the afternoon. i will have a detailed look at how long the heat sticks around in tte seven-day forecast..3 coming up. >> two girls fighting and all caught on tape. and posted then on "youtube". why one of the girl's parents is facing criminal charges. >> and nergy efficient street lights in a dog park. %-the lights and why t isuel abundant free. >> you said you wanted
tomorrow. chief meteorologgst vytas reid is here with an update on he %->> things heating up.st. instead of fall it will feel like a brazilian beach somewhere. sun on the ocean. there. building in from the south. 66 egrees. plenty of sunshine.3 winds ut of the southwest at five. our humidity levels at 70 percent. and it looks likes e have a and windows can be opee to let in the fresh cool air. and then we will see autumn begin tomorrow. autuunal equinox. autumn begins tomorrow at 11:09, on the 22nd. wrapping up summer and then officially 11:09 fall begins. temppratures like i said in downtown baltimore. 63 degrees. looking at 70 out there n -ageestown. 64 in oakland. then southhof us, still 60s as well. but earlier toddy, we had omee3 80s, aad even 90s pooping up in parts of west virginii. that's where the warm air is coming from. as we ook at the temperatures -cross the region. cooler temperatures in the new england tates. further down. but as you see those have retracted back north as the igh pressure sittiig over us drags the warmer temperatures in from the southwest. kentucky
. >> what'' the weekend starting to look like? check back with vytas reid. >> fabulous weekend hhading our way. but we have to get through some rain, through tomorrow night. going outssde it looks like a hd skycam downtown inner harbour. 66 degrees. few clouds making the way in. winds calm. humidity levels at 78 percent. ann pressure at 30.11 inches and rising. and it will continue to fall as the cool front moves in. 66 downtown. 69 in hagerstown. 62 in salisbury it looks like as far s the rain, this is a computer model howing tte potential of where it may rain. well west front pushing through and most of the activity is west of the mountains. but that could change as he ffont comes in. and gives us a few pop-up showers here and there. so the model may be off and conservative. but i think some folks will get some rain. some folks not. as the front movee in..3 what is happening is a few clouds working in. showers over indi believe..3 but here, clear conditions. %-toward he western edge ofe indiana. that's where the front is starting to make the way in. and heading our direction. warmer
meeeorologist vytas reid tells us when it might getthere and how much we could get. p>> the oil spill cceanup in the gulf of mexico, coming up the maaor mile stone that's expected to be reached by the time the weekend is over. >>> pro ife activists gathering in annapolis today. we'll tell you the message they had for mmryland's toeurpl when the news at 5:30 continues. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. >>> pro life protestors rallied in indianapolis today. the group operation rescue is asking for criminal charges in botched abortion that almostt3 cost a woman her life. leeders of the christian acti
. this is fox 45 news t 5:30..% >>> thank youuvery much. toward the state of maryland.h% >> vytas is tracking the storm in the sky waach weaaher center. whaa's the latest. >> well definitely that storm -ústarted to make land ffll down úhere just ssuth east of the outer bank of the carolinas but startinn to give us affect on the baseetemperature 91 inn% baltimore, 94 inndc, 96 in of he state, the corridortion still in the 90's but look at salsbury 87 degrees. starting to see the cloud moving in and úew even light sprinkles associated with that storm as rain band wrap in. satellite radar composite around the state see how the moisture startee to wrap in the rain band. firrttrain band pushing across salsbury and ocean city and see it wrapping in. that is the first wave of hatt% storm. now uite interestingg6 timing it out on the fuuure scan you can see how we are going to see the cloud cover thicken up. but lack att9:00 a.m. this is front edge of the storm. raining really heavy along the eastern coast. stops over thh central portioo f the state and drr here. high pressure that is
flowers up 30. % absolutely beautiful. vytas has the sky watch forecast. vytas? ú> yes. beautiful day out there todayy plenty of temppratures were justta tad bit warmer it is beccuse we had high pressure in place and ddiving the temperatures up from the south and that is what is helping usssee the temperatures in the lower 90's. let's get to hd radar and show you what is going on out there. bsolutely nothing. relatively quiet conditions. clear sky skies. -únot a drop of rain anywhere. thhre are showers up to the northwest and hawaii but that won't quite get here any time soon. maybe to the northhof us a chance or a little sprinkle maybe to the south but i think the high pressure will continue to keep it to the west of us or south of us..% here's what is oinggon as farras the teeperatures. look at that. 91 in baltimore. hooking at 93 in dc. 91 hagerstown. western maryland where the 80's are at 81 degrees and eastern shore folks at 80 and 86 in salsbury so right along the i-95 corridor you see the 90's pretty much prevalent and looks like we start to see sheaves in the tem
the sun finally again today. >> ut, it is about to get lot worse out there. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us now. how much rain is on the way for this aaea, vytas? >> we started out with rain and it was from the other dayyas weel. and we have a saturated ground from the previous rainfall. -n fact, looking at the totals over the last 48 hours. anywhere from n inch o about a quarter of an inch, to some areas, 2 and 3 quarters of an inch or ore. quarterrack in western maryland. activity from the other day. but more rain on the way. building out of the souuh..3 we have breaks in the clluds earlier today. sunshine, but down to the south, keeping an eye as we sse another system mmving along -- frontal boundary riding off the coast. but watching down off the south3 there is another system that is forming. tropical depression. wrapping in the moisture, intoú that front. -nd it will make he way p toward balttmore. afternoon, and into wednesday night to thursday. thursday being the main day to get activity from. this we're talking about how much rainfall we can get from the tropica
neededdrain3 this evening. here is chieffmeteorologistt3 vytas reid now withha lookkat the sky watch forecast. vytas, this was really a >> yeah, definitelyyit has been dry out there. ssen spans of dry conditions. loooing at the h.d. radar. we have some showers that are moving over the i-95 corridor second front. ú-heavier showers andto see thunderstorms as the makes the wayyover the mountains, things start to alm down. zoom into cumberlandd you can see the heavier thunderstorms cells there, that actually were causing a severe thunddrstorm warning for garrett county awhile ago. but once this pushes through, things will quiet down, as we see ver ohio. as dryer conditions start to build in. ooer central, west vvrginia. but garrett coonty allooed to expirr as the thunderstorm activvty is lessning in intensity. anyyhere from about a 10th to a quarter of an inch to 2 innhes of rain out there in maryland. so heavier amounts of rain in certtin parts of the state versus others. but we did get to see our share portion of the region. temperattres in the upper 88s today. 86 was he high in baltimore.
in november on our website, foxbaltimore.com/vote2010. gloomy weaaher, you got it today. vytas reid is here to tell us when it's all going to % clear up. >> we sawa i lot of clouds and showerss much-needed rain. there's been plenty of dry 3 c1 connitions. we need to get moisture out there. temperattre wise looking at cool conditions because of the pushing through. baltimore, 63 deggees. 66 in d.c. a little cooler in the 50s in oakland. pemperatuues will continue to cool through the overnight fall-like temperatures. we can see all theesatellite radar that the front has mainly the new york jets ii the meadow lands. it as been a lot, and i mean a lot of sniping back and forth in advance of this one. tomorrow night they finally step on to the field. expect tomorrow night to be a very punishing encounter. >> we both play that physical game of football, you know, but itts going to be who utexecutee each other. i don't think it's going to be a ffrst--uarter knockout. i want the game to go four quarters. that way our true testament will come out. >> we'll have much more on % tomorrow ni
of autumn.he first >> felt like summer out there. still. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us now to tell us how hot it will be tomorrow. vytas? >> summer is hanging on. we will continue to hold onto the heat. mooe heat. for tomorrow. hot start to the weekend. yes, it is fall. do not be fooled. it feels like summer. temperatures will beehot. if you thought it was hot todayú it wwlllbe warmer. in fact, state temperatures for highs. 87 in baltimore. look south of us, in d.c. fredericksberg at 97. hot temperature there. and 96 in charlottesville. we are seeing the temperatures just marching up 95. and let me tell you. 95, well, it is not just a interstate number. that's the temperature tommrrow. we are talking aboot the -emperatures in the 90s. quite warm. and riggt now 77 in baltimore. 81 in d.c. 80 in fredericksberg. %-79 in hagerstown. anddwe are seeing a southerly push of air. thht keeps the heat in place. so tomorroww ill be warm. all across the mid-atlantic. out into the mountains. even over parts of the midwest. until a front arrives toward saturday. and drops our temperatures down.
%ntinuee chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. >> gorgeous day today. plenty of ssnshine. comfortable temperatures. -nd looks like more nice days on the way. but we have tt get through a day of rain, potentially, into tomorrow night. lloking at what is gging on out ú%ere. temperatures wise, pretty comfortablee 70 in hagerstown. 69 in baltimore. 77 in d.c. 65 in salisbury it looks like we will continue to see comfortable temperaturee through tte overnight.úú%as far as the skies like we have some clearing out there that we had earlier tooay, with plenty of sunshine, with the drying conditions off to the east. that area of high pressure, starting to eave us. making way for theeclouds. we will start to see cloudss3 gathering and in nd showers moving ahead of the fronttl boundary. and timing that o we could see that front will start to get%cl. we will start to see tte clouds building in. and therr is he front oving in ú%om the northwest. giving us the potential for showers, maybe even a few rumbles oo thunder. scatttred across the state. not organiz
. >> check in wiih chief meteorologist vytas reid for details. vytas? >> jennifer and eff, beautiful ú%y out thhre. plenty of sunssine. comfortable temperatures. temperatures numbers for the next couple of days here. looking at the h.d. radar. relativvly quiet conditions. talk about where the nearest rain is. dry out there..3 but you have to head up forr3 michigan wwere they are seeing severe storms pushing through the state, ansing michigan to sag gnaw and bay city. they will continue to see violent weather there. gusting winds and heavy rainfall. stretching from chicago to central illinois, springfield, peoria, heavy thunderstorm activity, heading tt ccampagne. moving along a frontal boundary that will tryyto make the way through here, as we get into later portions of the evening tomorrow. but it will be broken up. highs today upper 70s and but some 90s just off to the southwest. and that's what is trying to push into our range as we get down the road. currently in the low 70s. and those numbers will heat up4. tomorrow, withhthe warm air pushing in from the south. around, coming up in the
more difffcult. >> it has been hot all summer long. we keep breaking records. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us now tootell us how extreme this summer has been so vytas? >> we have been really dry out3 there for many days. but look aa our temperatures. ú%u can see, that those temperatures, highs today, in the 90s. we hadda hot day out there. 93 in baltimore. 96 in d.c.. so warm temperatures. before theefront arrived. as the cood fronn moved through thatthelped to kick up the winds. they haae died down a bit. state winds right now at 9 miles per hour in baltimore. 16 in d.c. 17 hagerstown. today winds 20-to 30 miles per hour, gusting to 40 at times. creating the winds that help to -ondiiions, we had a red flagg3 warning issued earlier today. because of the potential for with dry conditions, fires that could occur, with the dry conditions, could spread quickly with the help of the winn that. occurred in michigan and detroit yesterday, where there was several homes lost because of fires burning.ú and same happened here in baltimore. now looking at dry conditions out therr. 13 days
the corner. >> but it looks like you will have one last taste of the summer season. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a first look at the sky atch forecast. ú% vytas? >> things are heating up through the next couple of days herr. now, today was comfortable. clear skies. as we can see on radar. scanning the region. no precipitatton to talk about. conditions, thanks to highce dry pressure in the neighborhood. looking at the temperatures. slightly warmer down towarddthe nation's capitol, at 81. that's the high today down there. 81 in freddricksberg. 84 in charlootes vil. hagerstown.cross baltimore only upper 60s out there in western maryland. and heeeeis what it looks like right now. in the comfortable 60s. drop into the lower 60s. upper 50s across the statt. so feeling ike that fall like weather just inching in, and we -rr goinn to see the warm up though, start to move back into theeweekend. sooclear skies tonight. down to 64 degrees. and heat will build in toward the weekend. shhw you 410-662-1456, oming up in the seven-ddy forecast. >> later on fox 45 news at 10::0, the dramati
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